Build community into your Thursday nights


1st Thursdays:

VitalS Night

Vitals are the heartbeat of our church community. They are organic groups of 2-4 people who meet 2-4x a month to explore life with God together. Vitals get to set their own schedules, but we set aside the first Thursday of each month to ensure that they have at least one solid block each month. Interested in Vitals? Learn more here.

2nd Thursdays

Supper Club

People in our church open their homes for community dinners on the second Thursday of each month. Enjoy good food, rich conversation, and a growing connection to others. All are welcome. Register for the next dinner here [coming soon].

3rd Thursdays

Prayer Meeting

We pray from 7-9pm at 50 Bennington Street on the third Thursday of each month. We ask to God to bring hope and wholeness to our church, our neighbors, our neighborhood, and our world. Join us!

We shape the fourth Thursday of each month around what God is doing in our community. Sometimes we have a conversation, sometimes we dive deep on a topic—this is a night for growing together as a community. Here’s what’s ahead (including 5th Thursdays):

  • 9/26 - Community Night!

  • 10/24 - Doing Justice

  • 10/31 - no meeting / Meet neighbors. Eat candy.

  • 11/28 - no meeting / Happy Thanksgiving!

  • 12/26 - no meeting / Merry second day of Christmas!

4th Thursdays

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